National Council OZZOiM nr 76


In March, in Gdynia, took place a meeting of the PSU National Council during which were adopted realisation of the budget for 2010 and budget estimates for 2011 were approved .
The National Council decided, among others resolution to increase the scope of the statutory benefits due to the completion of the STCW courses, raising their height to approximately 70% of real expense, at rates received from training centers. New benefits were brought in - the renewal of higher medical course - Medical Care, reimbursement of expenses incurred for STCW certification (this benefit may be used by people who are not entitled to receive a partial refund of costs incurred for the completion of the STCW course). The current Regulations of benefits can be found here (in polish).

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Breaking news

Continuing our efforts to conclude an agreement between Poland and Norway concerning the Polish social security of polish seafarers employed on NIS ships we inform that the answer of ZUS Headquarters on union request dated 9 January 2011 regarding urgent concluding of such agreement was posted today. ZUS requests NAV for an agreement for a period of 3 years begining 01.01.2011.

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